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Get A Fully Automated Shopify Store Today!

You will have your OWN professional Website Store for just $149.00 + BONUS our $29 Ultimate Facebook Ad Strategy Formula for FREE

What Are Your Benefits From This Service?

You will get a Professional "READY TO START" Website Store with One Hot Product tested by our Product Research Team that will bring you Sales from the First Day. If you have other Hot Products will be easy for you to Add/Remove Products any time.

This package includes complete website development. Our developers would make your website look trustworthy and professional.

  • Website build

  • Custom design

  • Logo Design

  • Mobile devices ready

  • Payment gateways ( you will be able to receive payments from Paypal and credit/debit cards)

  • One Product store tested by our team around one Niche

  • Product description

  • All legal privacy page (FAQ, Shipping, About us, Returns, etc.)

  • Website management tutorial

  • A Document with the exact Audience you need to target on Facebook ( Gender, Age, Interest, Placements, etc. )

  • Videos that you can use to create the Facebook Ads or to post on TikTok, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Instagram Reels and other platforms for Free

24-48 Hours Handover Delivery 

Our team will have your branded store completed within 24-48 hours. You will receive an email in your inbox where you can create an account to your new store. We will then transfer ownership & you can launch your store!

Make Opportunities, Take The Next Step!

✔️ Create your own brand.
✔️ Set your own profit margins.
✔️ We connect your store with suppliers.
✔️ We load your store full of trending products.
✔️ We deliver your store within 24-48 hours.
✔️ Social media marketing guide included.

✔️ No design or coding skills needed.

Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay & PayPal

Allow your customers to pay for products on your site with their Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. If a customer chooses their card, the funds will be transferred automatically to your bank account after 1-2 days.

Fulfill your Orders with One Click

When you receive an order in your store, you simply click "Order Product" & pay the supplier the wholesale price & they will immediately ship the product straight to your customer for free. It's magical! Say goodbye to those trips to the post office!

Earn Extra Income

Earn extra monthly passive income by selling products on your own online store. Some people even go on to make it their full time job. It's totally up to you how much time and energy you want to invest.

It's YOUR Store

We no longer have access once we transfer ownership. You are the 100% legal owner of the store. You can change everything and anything on the store, including products, pricing, pages, domains etc. You can easily add more products from reputable suppliers.

We're a part of the Shopify Partner Program. You can be rest assured that you're in good hands! We build stores on a daily basis and we optimize our stores to make it easy for visitors to convert. 

Information About The Sale

✔️ Getting Started Guide.
✔️ 48 Hour Transfer Of Store. 
✔️ Easily Customize Site and Product Pricing.

Gain access to reputable suppliers instantly. Once you purchase this store, you're ready to start selling. Once a customer places an order on your site, you simply pay your supplier and your supplier will ship the product straight to your customer and you keep the profit.

We are saving you the time energy and money of paying an inexperienced web designer who won't help your business grow.

The better your website is and the easier it is for customers to navigate your products, which means more customers will check out and not abandon your carts.